We arrived at the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO) close to Pilos Greece two days ago.  We left from Kavala on Monday June 10th and drove to Thessaloniki in hopes of catching a train that would bring the Land Rover and us to Athens instead of driving all the way ourselves.  It turned out the truck was too tall to fit on the train so we got back on the highway and drove a little over 500km to Athens.  We arrived late that same night at a campground located right in the middle of the city more or less; it was an odd area to say the least… In the morning we drove to a beautiful family owned Land Rover garage where Petros Balomenos, the owner and one of Pauls dear friends met us.  Paul described that we needed a new clutch badly, Petros smiled and said “I fix it, no problem…” 7 hours later we drove out of the shop with a beautiful new clutch and smiles on our faces, it was that easy. We toured Athens for about 3 hours and then decided we had had enough, it was one of the most chaotic places I have ever been, and hot too! Anyways from Athens we drove to Pilos where NEO is located and where we will base ourselves for day trips to the next site near Sparti.  NEO is also the location for a summer course that Paul and a few other of his colleagues have organized which will take place in about a week.  We are very close the Kalamata, the famous olive capital of the world where the olive groves reach from the mountains to the sea.  Tomorrow we will leave for a two-day trip into the Sparti region where we will scout the terrain for promising sites that are reasonably accessible.  Attached bellow is a map showing our general route for the past couple weeks

.Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 4.55.51 PM


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