A Drive Unlike Any Other…

On May 23rd Paul and I departed for Sezana Slovenia, a small town directly on the Italian Slovenian border, 10km from Trieste Italy.  The drive took us through Helsingborg Sweden, Rodby Denmark, Nuremberg Germany, Innsbruck Austria, Trieste Italy and finally Sezana Slovenia, where soft beds welcomed our exhausted bodies.  The drive covered around 1,800km and took us close to 27 hours because our truck, with its 110hp, averaged only 80km/h which is not much especially when cars on the autobahn are passing 150km/h…However the beauty of the landscape and the company I shared made every moment worth while.

One of my favorite parts of the drive was crossing the Alps from Austria to Italy through Brenner Pass.  As we climbed in elevation the temperature dropped to 4 degrees C and thick clouds moved in over the horizon.  Snow was visible on the high peaks ahead of us, but the ground where we were driving was still green and covered with vegetation. Soon, after repeated screams from our trusted GPS, we broke off the highway and onto a smaller road that would take us south west to Trieste Italy and then to Slovenia.  It immediately began to snow and as we climbed, the ground now covered with 7-8inches.  We traveled this way for the next 1 and 1/2 hours until we began to descend in elevation and enter Italy where the snow stopped.  This, an experience I never expected to have, not on this trip at least. Image

We arrived at our destination in Slovenia close to midnight on may 24th.  From then until the 29th we will gather supplies and enjoy the wonderful company of Mario and Vera Krusic, Paul’s Aunt and Uncle, until it is time to meet the ferry in Venice Italy, which will take us to Greece where our work begins.


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