I’m Alive!

After two plane rides, one train ride and one taxi ride, I arrived at my destination in beautiful Stockholm Sweden.  I welcomed a soft bed and warm food after literally being packaged between two large men for 5 hours during my flight from Boston to Iceland, and again during my 3 1/2 hour flight from Iceland to Stockholm.  That was yesterday.  Today I caught up on sleep and bought some last minute supplies in Kungstradgarden which is practically the hub of Stockholm with a shopping district that rivals NYC, so needles to say I was a little overwhelmed.

In about 6 hours Paul Krusic and I will finish packing the truck and leave Stockholm for Greece.  I’m excited for the drive although I’m still not quite sure the exact rout we’ll be taking (more details on that when they come).  We’ll be driving a 1998 Land Rover Defender, which is quite the experience in itself, soon to be loaded with gear and food.  The time difference (6 hours ahead) is still taking some getting used to… because of Swedens close proximity to the arctic circle It is light pretty much 24/7 here, making sleeping difficult. I hope to nap before our journey begins.

Iceland Airport 3:00am

Iceland Airport 3:00am


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